Community Energy Conservation Fairs

Community Energy Conservation Fairs were held in March (2012) in Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany. The Conservation Program Team partnerned with Elephant Thoughts, a non-profit educator, to provide opportunities for students to learn about energy (conservation) through fun, hands-on activities over an eight week period. The 2012 program culminated with a Community Energy Conservation Fair held in each community with parents and community members attending. See the Conservation Events Photo Gallery for pictures of the events!


EventsEnergy Conservation Day

Energy Conservation Days were held in Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany in October 2011. The Conservation Program Team was at the Northern Store in each community demonstrating how to install shrink-wrap window insulation film and gave away free kits to community members to install in their homes. Check out the Conservation Events Photo Gallery for pictures of the events!

Energy Audits and Retrofits

A major component of the Conservation Program involves energy audits and retrofits in select homes in your community. The Conservation Program team has hired and trained  individuals from your community to first conduct energy audits and then to provide energy retrofits. 
What is an energy audit? 
An energy audit is a detailed inspection, survey and analysis of the energy flows in a building. The audit will give us critical information that will help us provide targeted improvements to select homes to reduce energy usage and energy bills. Chief and Council will be responsible for selecting the homes that will be eligible for retrofits in the first year of the conservation program.

FNEI Conservation Program Calendar 2013 -- coming to your mailbox soon!

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New Mission Statement of FNEI:  We support our Cree Communities by optimizing our human and technical resources to meet their energy requirements in a safe, environmentally responsible and culturally respectful manner. 


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