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2016:  Regrettably, with the resignation of Ms. Lucie Edwards in October, 2015, who was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FNEI for about 4 years, the FNEI Board of Directors started the process at that time to search for a new CEO.   We are pleased to report that Mr. Patrick Chilton was the successful candidate for our FNEI CEO position!   Mr. Chilton brings much management experience to the position, and is no stranger to FNEI having been the FNEI Interim CEO for a short period in 2010, and previous to that, was a Director on the FNEI Board of Directors, and also an FNEI Finance Committee Member! 

2014:  We were also saddened to hear of our former key advisor to FNEI, Mr. Larry Brooksbank's passing on August 23, 2014.  Larry, as everyone at FNEI called him, was involved with FNEI from the early beginnings of the Omushkego Ishkotayo Transmission Line, which later became known as the FNEI Transmission Line.  With his immense knowledge and technical expertise, he, along with the FNEI Project Team, brought the reality of a transmission line, let alone owned by First Nations in the North, to fruition!  FNEI will always be grateful that Larry was part of the team, and to acknowledge the very important and hard work Larry did for FNEI and the Communities!!

2014:  With deep sorrow, our Board of Director, Mr. Fred P. Wesley, passed away on August 2, 2014.  Fred was the representative for the Attawapiskat Power Corporation, and was on the FNEI Board of Directors from October 26, 2011, until his passing.  Fred was known for being quite vocal at the Board of Directors meetings, and especially, when it came to his people.  He will always be remembered as someone who always stood up for his people, and was not afraid to speak his mind!!

2013:   With deep sorrow, Five Nations Energy Inc. (FNEI) announces the passing of Mr. Ed Chilton on June 29, 2013.  Mr. Chilton was the Secretary/Treasurer of FNEI for many years, and also was the Project Co-ordinator from the initial concept to the final completion of the Western James Bay Transmission Line project, better known as Five Nations Energy Inc.  His work with the Transmission project proved highly successful, which is the envy of other regions throughout Ontario!!  Ed will surely be missed!!  Attached below is the full news release on Ed's passing.

2011:   FNEI hires Ms. Lucie Edwards as the Chief Executive Officer of FNEI.  Ms. Edwards is a Fort Albany First Nation Member, and brings a wealth of experience and education to her new role. 

2010:  In December, 2010, another milestone for FNEI as it took ownership of the M9K transmission line from Moosonee to Kashechewan, as well as the new substation in Kashechewan, that was transferred from De Beers Canada Inc.

2009:  In November, 2009, the fibre optic line was energized! After many years of working on this upgrade, FNEI was very happy to report that a number of new services are now available to the Communities we service.




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New Mission Statement of FNEI:  We support our Cree Communities by optimizing our human and technical resources to meet their energy requirements in a safe, environmentally responsible and culturally respectful manner. 


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